Welcome to
Meadowbrook Animal
Sanctuary & Haven (MASH)
MASH is presently going through reorganization and the
MASH website is being updated.
As of August 2014, MASH is caring for 88 Animals including:
42 Horses, 6 Donkeys, 9 Pigs, 2 Dogs, 1 Goat, 1 Peacock,
and 24+ Chickens & Roosters
If you would like to Volunteer to help out at the MASH Ranch
and or work with the Animals, please contact
Rex Tuggle at 951-743-5975.
If you would like to donate funds and or materials, supplies, feed,
fencing, equipment and or services, please contact
Bonnie Montoya-May at 818-621-4880
or by email at
If you are presently donating funds via mail to any address
other then MASH, PO Box 1153 Mira Loma, CA 91752, your donations
are not going to the feed and care of the Animals at MASH
and are not tax deductable.
Founded in 1993, MASH is a 501 c3 Non-profit Organization Dedicated to Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation, Placement & Sanctuary
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Special Thanks To...
Hal & Carrie Arbit
Rex & Lenore Tuggle
Tim Schofield & Family
Natalie Robinson
John & Sadie
Lady Loo, JMS Porta-Jon
All the Volunteers
that Help Out
at the MASH Ranch
Become a Volunteer at MASH! Call Rex Tuggle at 951.743.5975
If you have questions about MASH activities and current reorganization, or about an animal that you placed under MASH's care, please contact Bonnie Montoya-May at 818-621-4880 or by email at info@mashrescueusa.org
All donations to MASH go directly to the feed and care of the Animals. You can donate securly online through PayPal or by Mail to:
Adoptions: Homes Needed
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